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What can I do with these Wooden Letter Beads?

Our Wooden Letter Beads are cubic wooden alphabet beads that can be used for a wide range of creations. Although many of our customers have used them to create popular items such as personalised pacifier clips (or personalised dummy clips, which is how we say here in the UK!) and other teething jewellery products (like rattles, baby toys, pram mobiles), they can be used in any number of creations that require a personalised touch. These wooden letter beads are produced with high quality wood and are resistant to saliva and sweat, which makes them perfectly safe to be in contact with children. These beads look great when combined with our other wooden products, especially our big selection of Coloured Wooden Beads and assembled with one of our Cords. The letter is engraved (and not simply printed) on four sides of the cube and the font is stylish and versatile.

What kind of Wooden Letter Beads are they?

These wooden letter beads are manufactured in one of most prestigious factory in Germany, the world-leading country in the production of wooden toys. The wood used is hard and durable and the letters are carefully engraved on fours sides of the cube and painted in black. Finally, a coat of lacquer is applied to the whole product to ensure durability and protection. Every material used for the production of these cubes is absolutely free from any sort of toxic element. In fact, these wooden alphabet beads are manufactured in accordance with EN71-1, EN71-3, EN71-9 safety rules, therefore satisfying the legal requirements. These beads are resistant to saliva and sweat. The simple contact with saliva, moistening the pieces, will not produce any wear or detachment. Prolonged contact with saliva accompanied by mechanical influence, such as chewing, biting or sucking might inevitably lead to a detachment of the coating.

Our Alphabet Beads

Here’s some more details about our Wooden Alphabet Beads: The threading holes are big enough to accommodate the most common types of cords. The price shown is referred to one individual wooden letter bead, however we do offer wholesale wooden beads prices for large orders. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information. Measurements: 10mm x 10mm. Material: Wood Colour: Natural Wood. Letter engraved in black. Manufactured in accordance with EN71-1, EN71-3, EN71-9 standards. Saliva and Sweat Resistant. Item not suitable for unsupervised children under 36 months, unless assembled into a final product.

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