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What can I do with these Wooden Dummy Clips?

Our Wooden Dummy Clips are the state-of-art of their kind. Manufactured in Germany, like all our wooden products, these wooden clips are generally used by our customers to create their beautiful personalised dummy clips but their resistant and stylish design makes them perfect for any kind of use that requires some sort of clamping.

These wooden pacifier clips are perfectly safe to be in contact with our little ones, as no toxic material whatsoever was used for their production. Also, they all comply  with the requirements of the following directives and regulations:
• 2009/48/EC
• 1907/2006

and they have been manufactured in accordance with the following harmonized standards:
• EN 71 Part 3:2013 A1:2014
• EN 71 Part 9-11:2013
• EN 12586:2011-04
• §64 LFGB B 82.10-1 (Sweat and saliva fastness of the surface)

They have ventilation holes to prevent any suffocation danger. Many of our customers use them in combination with our Wooden Beads and keep their products together with our range of resistant Cords. We currently offer a range of different wooden dummy clips, each coming in many different colours.

Dummies are a staple in the quest for sleep-deprived parents. They’re also one of those things that you can’t have too many of. But how do you attach them to your little one’s clothes?

Wooden dummy clips, or “dummy chains” as they’re often called, are the perfect answer! All it takes is two small clasps and a length of chain which attaches securely to your baby’s clothes with their dummies on either end.

This article will cover what wooden dummy clips are, why they work so well and how you can use them!

What are wooden dummy clips

Wooden dummy clips are a small clasp, with a length of chain (which we will need to build, see our Tutorial!) that attaches to your baby’s clothing. They’re a simple and easy way to ensure that your dummies don’t drop!

Why they work so well

In a society where many parents have more than one child, it’s difficult not to have an overflow of dummies – especially when you’re sleep deprived and can’t remember which ones you’ve used. Wooden dummy clips help you keep track of what dummies are yours so that you can avoid using someone else’s. Without them, it would be impossible to tell if you were using someone else’s dummies without asking.

Wooden dummy clips are also the perfect way to make sure your dummies don’t fall out of your baby’s mouth. Unlike button fasteners, which can come undone and often have sharp ends that scratch babies’ chins, wooden dummy clips distribute pressure evenly. This means you can be sure that both of your dummies are staying securely put without doing any harm to your little one!

How do they work

Wooden dummy clips work by attaching to your baby’s clothes with the dummies on either end. They’re a useful way to keep track of what dummies are yours and ensure that your baby doesn’t spit them out. Wooden dummy clips also provide an even pressure to keep your baby’s dummies securely in their mouth, unlike button fasteners which often come undone and have sharp ends that can scratch a baby’s chin. All it takes are two clasps and a length of chain!

How to use our Wooden Dummy Clips

Once you have your wooden dummy clips and you’ve assembled them into a chain, all it takes is a few simple steps:

1. Attach the end of the chain to the dummy.

2. Now, attach the clip on the other end of the chain, and then clip one side to your baby’s shoulder or sleeve.

3. Voila! You are now guaranteed that your dummies will stay put no matter what they’re doing!

Why you should use them

Wooden dummy clips are a a simple and cheap way to keep your baby happy and they can be used to attach your baby’s dummy so they don’t drop it. They are perfect for when you don’t want to do the tying up yourself. You can shop around our website and get the best quality clips around. Wooden dummy clips should be used until your child is old enough to understand not dropping their dummy.

Wooden dummies are not as popular as plastic ones, but they are much kinder on the environment and just as effective in preventing children from choking if they swallow the dummmies along with their milk. Wooden clips only become worn when the child starts chewing on them.

Wooden dummies will fit any dummy, silicone or rubber. They keep the dummy in place so that the baby does not accidentally drop it on their precious face if they start chewing on it. Wooden dummy clips will make it harder for your child to lose their dummy in their bed. Many of the children’s bedrooms are full of toys and objects and bits and pieces, so it is inevitable that your child loses things like their dummy quite often. A dummy clip will save you time on looking for lost dummies under furniture or behind cushions in your home. You will also avoid screaming tantrums from your baby when you ask them where their dummy is, over and over again.

How to attach them to your baby’s clothes with dummies on either end

Wooden dummy clips are a great way to attach your dummies to your baby’s clothes so they don’t drop them. They work by clipping one end of the dummy to the clothes and attaching the other end of the dummy to your baby’s clothes or clothing. When getting your baby dressed, make sure that you have secured one side of the chain to their dummy before clipping it onto their outfit.

Benefits of using wooden dummy clips vs other methods of attaching dummies to clothing

Wooden dummy clips are very good at preventing choking when you have a child who is just learning how to walk and chew. The baby starts clapping their teeth together and occasionally the dummy falls out of their mouth, which is something that you want to avoid as much as possible because it could cause them to choke on the object. Wooden dummies will make sure that this does not happen by attaching it firmly to the clothing on their body.

Wooden dummy clips are much better for the environment than plastic dummies. Plastic is one of the most used materials in the world, and it takes hundreds of years for plastic to degrade in a landfill site, which is why many children’s toys are made from this material since it is cheap and easy to produce. In addition, many babies like to chew on their dummies and plastic could hurt them if it splinters into their mouth or gets chewed too much. These wooden dummy clips will not cause any harm to your baby’s health as they are made from solid wood which cannot be bitten down so far that it breaks apart in the child’s mouth.

Additional uses for dummy clips

Like with most DIY things, dummy clips are multipurpose and can be used for more than just attaching your baby’s dummy to their clothes. They are also a lifesaver if you need to attach an object to your clothing. For example, if you have a pin on the back of your shirt or blouse that needs to be attached, but there’s nothing there for it to clip onto, the wooden dummy clip will work perfectly and will not cause any damage to the fabric of your clothing.

Wooden dummy clips are a lifesaver if you have children who like to chew on their dummies and their sleeves, as well as clothes that they wear. The wooden dummy clip will prevent them from chewing on the clothing that they’re wearing which will stop them from causing themselves damage or injury.

Common variations of wooden dummy clips

Wooden dummy clips come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be one that meets your needs. Some variations include the following: animals, round, puppies, stars.

Where to buy wooden dummy clips online

…on Clips and Beads, of course! We are the best place on the web where you can find high-quality wooden products sourced directly from the best factories in Germany. Safety and quality are our keywords and we strictly follow a philosophy of handpicking all our product by choosing carefully from only the most reputable sources anywhere in the world. You can be sure that our wooden dummy clips will be what you are looking for your lovely creations.


Wooden Dummy Clips are a perfect way to attach your dummies to your baby’s clothes so they don’t fall out. They also help the environment by being plastic free and not causing harm if chewed on or bitten down too much. Wooden dummy clips come in many shapes, sizes and variations such as safety pins, buttons on clothing for those who need it etc. For new parents looking for these products online, I recommend shopping at Amazon where you’re guaranteed privacy protection and service!

Our Clips

Our range of wooden clips will allow you to create various personalised items. Our most classic product is the plain pacifier clip, which is made of very resistant wood and it’s a round clip with a diameter of 35mm. It comes in a very wide range of colours: Pale Blue, Light Natural, Pale Pink, Light Turquoise, Natural, Silver, White, Black, Grey, Light Grey, Lilac, Lime Green, etc. Then we have two best-selling animal clips: Bear and Fox. Both have a very cute look and a face printed in black on the coloured wood. The Bear comes in Light Blue, Light Pink, Natural and White. The Fox comes in Light Blue, Light Pink, Natural, Grey and Orange. Our cute Puppies are 45mmx45mm in size and resemble the typical Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. They all, obviously, come in black and white! Finally, our very popular Star wooden dummy clips are a very nice alternative to our Plain pacifier clips. They are round, with a diameter of 35mm and come with an energising star pattern printed on their face, in different colours. You can buy them in Grey, Lime Green, Pale Blue, Pale Pink and Lilac. Like all our products, although usually, the price refers to a single item, we are also a wholesale retailer and offer a special price if you buy our wooden dummy clips in large quantities. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information. Item not suitable for children under 36 months due to choking hazard, unless assembled in a final product.

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