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Our Silicone Beads

Lovely food grade Silicone Beads manufactured by the best factories in the world, carefully selected by our staff for their safety and their design. Ideal for making dummy clips and other teething accessories, they are also perfect to be used in an educational context by children over 36 months. These beads look especially great when combined with our Silicone Teethers and assembled with Satin Cords, but can also be combined into a great keychain with our Metal Keyrings or in a lovely rattle with some Bells. We offer a very wide choice of shapes for our silicone beads, which you can use for plenty of different creations. From the evergreen classic round and flat-round beads to the cute turtles and raccoons, you will be able to customize your items in a very stylish way. Our range of colours is also incredibly large and you will be able to create any number of combinations with our materials. These silicone beads are totally safe, having been carefully tested following three different safety regulations (LFGB, FDA, and EN 71). No toxic materials were used to produce these high-quality beads, which are absolutely suitable to be chewed by children. The price is for one bead, however, we do offer silicone teething beads bulk offers with wholesale prices. Do contact us for more information at [email protected], if you are interested in our silicone beads wholesale offer.

Our range of Beads

We offer a wide choice of shapes and colours. Here is a brief description of all our beads!

Silicone Round Beads

These are the classic”silicone marbles” and they are probably the most commonly used type of silicone beads we sell here at Clips and Beads. They come in two different diameters, 12mm and 15mm. Most products, such as dummy clips (also called pacifier clips by our American friends…!) are made mainly of round beads, although we always advise our customers to break the design with some other beads to create more interesting customised creations.   The 15mm beads are also perfect to create beautiful silicone teething beads necklaces to be worn by mothers with teething babies. We currently have a wide selection of colours: Black, Grey, Violet Red, Green Marble, Light Salmon, Lilac, Marble White, Yellow, Cherry Red, Light Blue, Light Pink, Mint, Pale Blue, Pastel Blue, Purple, Peachy, Pink Marble, Quartz Pink, Turquoise and many more.

Silicone Flat Round Beads

These beads have a diameter of 12mm and they are often used in combination with other beads to give a dynamic look to creations such as pacifier clips and keyrings. A good use for them is shown on our well-known personalised pacifier clips tutorial so please feel free to visit it if you need a source of inspiration! A funny curiosity about them: they are called “lentejitas” in Spanish (small lentils!) for their particular shape. We offer the following range of colours for our silicone flat round beads: Black, Grey, Cherry Red, Lilac, Mint, Pastel Blue, Quartz Pink, Turquoise and many more.

Silicone Hexagon Beads

Another very popular type of beads is the Hexagon Beads. We have seen our customers using them to create any sorts of things, especially teething jewelry such as necklaces. Our Hexagon Beads are very stylish and, with our wide range of colours, they will look really great on your lovely creations! Colours: Grey, Beige, Cherry Red, Light Grey, Light Salmon, Lilac, Marble, Mint, Pale Blue, Turquoise and many more.

Silicone Heart Beads

These silicone hearts are one of our best selling products. Heart is a classic shape whenever we want to spread out a message of love, and our special design is stylish and pretty. Perfect to be used in a gift, they are an ideal choice for any kind of custom items. Our silicone hearts come in the following colours: White, Yellow, Beige, Light Blue, Light Salmon, Light Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Turquoise and many more. Size: 20mm x 17mm x 13mm


Silicone Animal Beads

Cute animals are among children’s favorite worldwide, and that’s why we chose three beautiful designs for our customers. who gave us incredible feedback about them! We currently offer three pretty designs: Koala, Raccoon and Turtle. Just take a look at the pictures… don’t you find them irresistible? 🙂 Colours: Koalas – Grey, Brown, Pastel Blue, Lilac, Light Grey, Mint, Turquoise, Pink. Raccoons – Grey, Cherry Red, Cream, Lilac, Mint, Pink Turtles – Blue, Hot Pink, Light Grey, Light Pink, Mint, Turquoise

Crown Beads

Stories of kings and princesses, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty… There is always a crown in every fairy tale! We could not resist offering some beautiful silicone crown beads to our customers, so here they are! Colours: Grey, White, Light Salmon, Mint, Light Grey.

Star Beads

“Twinkle twinkle little star, Clips and Beads knows what you are!”… well, it wasn’t really like that! Star is another popular shape for beads and we offer two different designs. The first one, which we call “Smooth Star” is a round, soft, kind of silicone star bead. The other type is the “Snowflake Star”, which shows more prominent lines. Colours: Smooth Star – Grey, Sky Blue, White, Turquoise. Snowflake Star – Grey, White, Light Pink, Light Salmon, Mint.

The specifications for these food grade silicone beads are as follows:

Types: 12mm Round, 15mm Round, Flat Round, Heart, Hexagon, Koala, Raccoon, Crown, Smooth Star, Snowflake Star, Turtle Material: Food Grade Silicone – beautiful coloured silicone made with food-grade materials, totally free from any toxic substance. *** 100% free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, cadmium, lead and other harmful substances.

Item not suitable for children under 36 months due to choking hazard, unless assembled in a final product.

*** Please note that all the silicone products sold by Clips and Beads Craft Supplies are made according to these parameters.

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