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Here you can find a selection of high-quality delicate and refined Organza Bags. They are a fantastic way to pack your lovely creations.

What is Organza?

Organza is a light, thin fabric, beautifully shiny and semi-transparent, made of silk. Organza is mainly produced in India, France, Italy and along the Yangze River in China. This stylish fabric is used for a variety of products, mainly clothes (sashes, skirts, shirts) and bags. The name “Organza” apparently derives from the name of the city Urgench, in North Turkmenistan. In its thinnest form, mainly produced in Japan, Organza is also known as “Amaike”

Our Organza Bags

We offer a selection of different colours and the possibility to buy our products both individually and in bulks of 10 bags. All our organza bags are rectangular in shape (10mm x 15mm). They all have a draw string which you can simply pull to seal the bag. Packing your products has never been easier! You can use the string to attach a company logo, a small handwritten note or a product description.

What can you do with our Organza Bags?

The most common use for our bags is, obviously, to pack your personalised items. Many of our customers use them, for instance, to deliver their beautiful dummy clips (and, by the way, here’s a link to our fantastic tutorial on how to make a personalised dummy clip!) in a very elegant package. However, organza bags can be used to give a scented touch to your drawers by filling them with lavender or other aromatic flowers, or even to be used as a wedding favour pouch… and you can even use them to protect your garden flowers! Organza is a very safe, clean and elegant material and we definitely recommend you to try our bags to pack your creations and make a great impression with your customers and friends.

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