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Our Coloured Wooden Beads

If there is one particular line of products we are particularly proud of, here at Clips and Beads, that is our selection of Coloured Wooden Beads. Like with all our products, we have spent months in finding the best wooden beads manufacturers and we finally selected a fantastic family run factory in Germany, who currently provides us with their beautiful items. Needless to say, Germany is famous in the whole world for the sheer quality of their products and when it comes to wooden toys (and wooden products in general) they are absolutely world-leaders. Because, like always, our primary concern is the safety of our kids, all our wooden products are absolutely ideal to be used in the production of toys and teething jewellery. Our wooden teething beads are all manufactured in accordance with EN71-1, EN71-3, EN71-9 safety rules and successfully passed every safety test and, therefore, are proven the best choice for your lovely creations. All our coloured wooden beads are resistant to saliva and sweat. Our quality wooden beads are produced with some of the most common types of wood used for these purposes: maple and beech. Because of the cheapest costs of production, our coloured wooden beads are generally sold in bags, except for some very special items such us our 3D wooden animal beads. The number of application for these wooden teething beads is countless. Any personalised dummy clip, teething necklace or rattle will be most likely made of various wooden spacer beads and assembled with a resistant cord. The large selection of colours we offer, which includes our special unpainted wooden beads, will allow you to combine them together and with many other fantastic products.

Wooden Bead Shapes

We currently offer many different types of wooden beads, each with some specific characteristics. When assembling a final product, we generally recommend (for the sake of design and functionality) our customers to use various assorted wooden beads. The most popular among the wooden bead shapes is the classical wooden round beads (sold in different sizes), which many people use in conjunction with our flat wooden beads (which, by the way, is the most common kind of wooden spacer beads). Many of our customers love our very cute wooden animal beads and our wooden heart beads. Our wooden star beads are a common Christmas treat and our wooden hexagon beads are the most popular type of geometric wooden beads. Any creation that needs to be strong and safe will feature one of our safety beads. Finally, we do offer some very special 3D wooden animal beads and a range of untreated wooden beads. Here’s a list of all our coloured wooden beads.

Small Wooden Beads 8mm (Round)

If you are looking for some genuinely small wooden beads, this is the right choice for you! Our 8mm Wooden Beads are the smallest sized beads we currently have in stock and they are perfect to create personalised items such as dummy clips and keyrings. They come in the following colours: White, Lilac, Pale Pink, Pale Blue.  They are sold in packages of 80 units approx.

Coloured Wooden Beads 10mm (Round)

A very versatile size, these 10mm Wooden Beads are ideal for making dummy clips, pram mobiles, rattles, toys, key chains, accessories and much more. These are the colours we offer: Light Turquoise, Lilac, Natural, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Silver, White. The threading hole is approximately 3mm. They are sold in packages of 50 units approx.

Coloured Wooden Beads 12mm (Round)

Another popular choice, 12mm wooden beads are among our best selling products. Here’s our colours: Light Natural, Natural, White, Grey, Light Grey, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Lilac, Mint. The threading hole is approximately 3mm. Each package contains 30 beads approx.

Wooden Safety Beads

These 12mm wooden beads are used to firmly secure the cord of your creation, which will be then pushed inside the security hole. The hole is essentially studied to host a knot and it is 3mm on its narrower side and 5mm on the wider side. They are available in Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Light Turquoise, Natural, Silver, White, Lilac. They are sold as individual units.

Untreated Wooden Beads

These untreated big wooden beads come in two different sizes (15mm and 18mm) and are a very nice option if you want to give a natural wood colour to your creations. The 15mm wooden beads are a fantastic option to make rattles and the 18mm wooden beads are perfect for pram mobiles and teething necklaces. These are unvarnished wooden beads so the natural colour of the wood will just shine in all its beauty. The hole size is approximately 4mm and they are sold as individual units.

Wooden Hexagon Beads

Geometric wooden beads are always very much in demand and we do offer the most stylish type. Our wooden hexagon beads are big wooden beads with a diameter of 18mm and a vertical hole size of 5mm. These beads are unvarnished so their colour is very natural. They are sold as individual units.

Flat Wooden Beads

These Flat Wooden Beads are wooden spacer beads used to interrupt a pattern in a stylish way. Their size is 10mm. Also known as “wooden lentils”, they come in the following colours: Medium Blue, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Light Turquoise, Lime Green, Natural, Silver, White, Lilac, Light Pink, Light Blue, Light Grey, Mint. These beads are sold in bags of 50 approx.

Wooden Animal Beads

Our cute wooden animal beads come in different colours and shapes. We do offer amazingly tender Dalmatian Puppies  (in Black&White), a sweet Fox (in Green, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Light Turquoise, Natural and Orange) and a cute Bear (in Light Blue, Light Pink, Natural and White). These coloured wooden beads are sold as individual units.

Heart Beads

A very common choice among our customers, our wooden heart beads come in one single size (18mm x 20mm x 8mm) with a vertical threading hole of 3mm. We do offer a wide range of colour: Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Light Turquoise, Natural, Silver, White, Light Natural, Mint, Light Pink, Light Blue, Light Grey. They are sold as individual units.

Star Beads

A wooden star bead is, well, a way to tell someone “you’re a star!” and, because of that, they are another very beloved product by our customers. The size of these coloured wooden beads is 20mm x 20mm x 8mm and they come in Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Light Turquoise, Silver, White, Lilac, Light Natural, Mint, Light Pink, Light Grey. They are sold as individual units.

Unique Wooden Beads

Our unique wooden beads are a fantastic way to personalise your creations with something cute and unseen. Take our beautiful 3D Bears and 3D Frogs, for instance… you’ll be amazed by the way they look on your personalised pacifier clips and rattles! Our Cars and Clouds are another fantastic way to give a special touch to your items. Browse our catalogue and you’ll see… we are always adding new lovely stuff, so stay tuned!!!

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