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What can I do with these Acrylic Letters Beads?

Our full range of acrylic letters beads is perfect for all your lovely creations. Some of the most favorite uses of these letter beads are keychains and dummy chains. These cubes are very resistant and extremely safe to use. Especially nice when used in combination with a Silicone Clip or a Metal Keyring, they can be also combined with our lovely Crochet Beads and Wooden Products and be assembled with our resistant Cords. The special design of these cubes makes them very similar to a playing dice. The colours and the texture of the material are very neutral and you can use them with a wide range of different other supplies. The letters can be used to personalise your creations with an elegant touch of Black&White.

What kind of Acrylic material is this?

These acrylic letter beads are made of high-quality polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). PMMA is a non-toxic, very versatile, resistant, transparent resin, which maintains his physical characteristic very easily. Carefully selected directly from the best factories, these letter beads are manufactured following the strictest safety regulations (EN 71-3), which also implies that no toxic materials were used for the production of these items. These acrylic letters successfully passed safety tests conducted by SGS.

Our Acrylic Letters

The letters are engraved in black ink on four faces. These cubes will maintain their vivid colour and their design characteristics for a very long time. The threading holes are 3.8mm in size and can accommodate the most common types of cords. The listed price is for one letter. Discounts apply for bulk orders.

These are the specifications: Measurements: 10mm x 10mm. Material: Acrylic Threading hole size: 3.8mm. White cube. Letter engraved in black. Manufactured in accordance with EN 71-3 standards.

Like any other small items, these beads (when not assembled in a safe final product) are not suitable for children under 36 because of a possible choking hazard.


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