Welcome to Clips and Beads, your teething jewellery craft supplies store

Clips and Beads is a craft supplies store specialized in top quality teething jewellery products. After years of research, we have found the best factories around for each of our articles. On our catalogue, you will find a wide range of items, all made with top quality materials, carefully handpicked by us for all your needs.

Quality Teething Jewellery

We have spent a long time researching the most recognized producers for each product we sell. We are proud to offer a collection of crafting materials coming from the best factories in the world. Our wooden items are made in the most prestigious factories in Germany, a country universally known for the amazing standards of their production and for their top level quality control.

Unleash your creativity

We have a full range of crafting tools and we are constantly expanding our stock with more and more new material. There are hundreds of things you can make with our crafting supplies and the limit is just… the sky! Designer Dummy Clips, Keyrings, Bracelets, Rattles, Decorations and Handmade Toys are just a few examples of what you can do with the material we provide. So, don’t wait! Turn on your creativity and make lovely things for your family or for sale with our products.

Are dummy clips safe?

We are aware that many products made with our supplies will be used by young children. Safety is our main concern and that is why we exclusively sell products that comply with the strictest EU regulations, in order to guarantee the EN 71 safety standards. Are dummy clips safe? Yes, if you follow the rules! We provide the best possible materials, however please be very careful when you make your products and make sure it complies with the latest safety laws. To learn more about the regulations, please check this page.

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